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How to Make Money By Selling Your Own Designed T-shirts Online


How to Create Your Own T-shirt Design

Creating designs for the t-shirt is becoming one of the most popular channel for design developers. Even if you’re an illustrator or graphic designer or typographer, the reflection of having your design on the t-shirt is a pretty good idea.

Explore Your Design concept
– Create a Mock-up of your Design Over Plain Tshirt Templates
– Keep Things Simple in Your Design
– Colour Means Everything

Develop Your Designs in Proper File Format

Different types of graphic file formats are used in this Industry. Generally, the average person will not able to open design files with the extensions like AI, EPS and PSD. These type of file requires a special software program, so develop your designs in a proper file format by coordinating with your printing supplier.

Build Your Own Online T-shirt Selling Store with

Use Preferable Printing Technology

There are different types of printing technologies that are used to print on tshirts. Some of the popular printing technologies are,

– Direct to Garment (DTG) Digital Printing
– Screen Printing &
– Heat Transfer Photo Printing

Market Your Designs
– You must market your designs to increase your website sales
– The sales rate is based on number of people visiting your website and visit is based on your marketing.

Below some general tips are listed out for preparing basic marketing plan.
– Define Your Customers
– Choose Your Targets
– Plan Your Budget
– Create Your Ad Content
– Track & Monitor Your Ad Campaigns

Measure Profits
– Measuring profits is the most important objective for any kind of business (both online and offline)
– You can find out the gross profit of a business by deducting cost of sales from turnover
– You can find out the operating profit by deducting the expenses from the gross profit

I am Gopinath, working as Marketing Executive at My team offering t-shirt drop shipping service for online companies, my articles are based on how to start, develop & earn money through online.

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Printed T-Shirts? How Do You Make Them?


Do you want to know how you too can do your own tshirt printing? If so, you’ve come to the right article. We will discuss how to do your own t-shirt printing in this article.

Just imagine wearing t-shirts that you’ve designed yourself? You may put any design you want on these printed tshirts. They could be funky, could be classic or just any design you love. Since they are your own creation, you’d absolutely love wearing them. Rest assured that the feeling is much better than the one you get when wearing the shirt you bought from an expensive cloth showroom.

With the advancements in technology, its become rather easy to print your own t-shirts. Several online services provide you the facility of creating your own printed t-shirts. The process is very simple: you just upload your design, choose your colors, choose the type of the cloth and then choose the size. You’re done. Some services will even deliver these printed t-shirts straight to your doors. Amazing!

What’s even more amazing is that these t-shirts need not be costly. Even when using these online services, the costs aren’t that much. The prices go down even more if you remove these services from the picture and really do it from scratch. Its also much more fun when you do it from A to Z yourself.

Doing it all yourself will require a high quality inkjet printer though. You’ll need some other basic equipments including transfer papers that are of good quality, an iron and a t-shirt! Doodle your designs by hand on a tablet if you want to go to the extremes of creativity. Then transfer it to your computer, edit it a bit if you want and print it out. If you’re good at Photoshop, Corel Draw or any such software; you could use those too.

If you’re not computer-savvy; you may still take a picture of a printed design you’d like on your shirt, copy it over to your computer and print it out. It gives you the same effect more or less, however, I’d recommend you go for t-shirt printing services that you could find online.

Want to know about tshirt printing? If you do, click here: printed tshirts !

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