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4 Home-made Gag Gift Ideas For Fiftieth Birthday Celebrants


To make sure a member of family or friend loves your gift item on his fiftieth birthday, delight him with a homemade gag gift item. You could frame an edited photo of the birthday celebrant, customize a t-shirt with humorous iron-on transfers, develop a humorous scrapbook with the rest of the friends or family, or document funny greetings from family and friends.

Life goes on at fifty, and on the celebrant’s 50th birthday, surprise him with something that will make his day more enjoyable and also interesting. Give him a home made gag gift that can definitely remind him that life’s really enjoyable and that his friends and family make it really worth living. Below are some exciting home made gag gift options for fiftieth birthday celebrants:

Frame a modified picture of the celebrant

A really interesting homemade gag gift you could give to a fiftieth birthday celebrant is to frame a modified picture of her or him. In case you are familiar with photo editing software program on your laptop or computer, this gift will be interesting for you to create, too. For a male birthday celebrant, you could utilize a full photograph of a body builder and replace the face with that of the celebrant’s. For a female celebrant, you can use a supermodel’s body. Have it nicely framed, and the birthday celebrant will certainly appreciate your humorous gift.

Personalize a shirt using humorous iron-on transfers

Giving a tshirt can be quite ordinary, but personalizing it with a humorous one-liner can make it one of the perfect and most unique 50th birthday gifts the celebrant will receive. Choose a plain tshirt, preferably in a color the birthday celebrant likes, but make sure the color of the transfer matches it. Then, from local specialty shops or online, buy a funny iron-on transfer that comes with basic guidelines for doing the project at home. As an alternative, you can print your special design using a silk-screen for an even more personalized gift.

Develop a comical scrapbook with the rest of the family or friends

The celebrant could probably utilize a good laugh on his fiftieth birthday but also on other days, too. Along with your loved ones or circle of friends, make a funny scrapbook full of all-time favorite humor, funny one-liners and quotes, and also funny and wacky pictures of the celebrant with the group. You can even include a short story of the celebrant’s funny memories which you have witnessed or the celebrant has told you about.

Document comical greetings from relatives and buddies

One more wonderful home made gift you may amaze the birthday celebrant with is a recording of greetings from his friends, family, and of course, you. Rather than recording purely emotional greetings, include something humorous to make your greetings more unique for the birthday celebrant. Make sure you tell the rest of the gang about your plan. If the birthday celebrant is your father or mother, ask the kids in your family to document their genuine greetings. You may be surprised to find out that these types of greetings end up being cute, funny, and unique all at the same time. You may also play the greetings throughout a party to make your gift more special.

When preparing for the gags to incorporate in your present or greeting, make sure your jokes aren’t disparaging or embarrassing. See to it that the celebrant is also a joker and can take jokes from other people, so you can be sure the celebrant will really enjoy your gift.

Written by Danica Reynes. For additional tips on funny and unique 50th birthday gifts, be sure to look at

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