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4 Home-made Gag Gift Ideas For Fiftieth Birthday Celebrants


To make sure a member of family or friend loves your gift item on his fiftieth birthday, delight him with a homemade gag gift item. You could frame an edited photo of the birthday celebrant, customize a t-shirt with humorous iron-on transfers, develop a humorous scrapbook with the rest of the friends or family, or document funny greetings from family and friends.

Life goes on at fifty, and on the celebrant’s 50th birthday, surprise him with something that will make his day more enjoyable and also interesting. Give him a home made gag gift that can definitely remind him that life’s really enjoyable and that his friends and family make it really worth living. Below are some exciting home made gag gift options for fiftieth birthday celebrants:

Frame a modified picture of the celebrant

A really interesting homemade gag gift you could give to a fiftieth birthday celebrant is to frame a modified picture of her or him. In case you are familiar with photo editing software program on your laptop or computer, this gift will be interesting for you to create, too. For a male birthday celebrant, you could utilize a full photograph of a body builder and replace the face with that of the celebrant’s. For a female celebrant, you can use a supermodel’s body. Have it nicely framed, and the birthday celebrant will certainly appreciate your humorous gift.

Personalize a shirt using humorous iron-on transfers

Giving a tshirt can be quite ordinary, but personalizing it with a humorous one-liner can make it one of the perfect and most unique 50th birthday gifts the celebrant will receive. Choose a plain tshirt, preferably in a color the birthday celebrant likes, but make sure the color of the transfer matches it. Then, from local specialty shops or online, buy a funny iron-on transfer that comes with basic guidelines for doing the project at home. As an alternative, you can print your special design using a silk-screen for an even more personalized gift.

Develop a comical scrapbook with the rest of the family or friends

The celebrant could probably utilize a good laugh on his fiftieth birthday but also on other days, too. Along with your loved ones or circle of friends, make a funny scrapbook full of all-time favorite humor, funny one-liners and quotes, and also funny and wacky pictures of the celebrant with the group. You can even include a short story of the celebrant’s funny memories which you have witnessed or the celebrant has told you about.

Document comical greetings from relatives and buddies

One more wonderful home made gift you may amaze the birthday celebrant with is a recording of greetings from his friends, family, and of course, you. Rather than recording purely emotional greetings, include something humorous to make your greetings more unique for the birthday celebrant. Make sure you tell the rest of the gang about your plan. If the birthday celebrant is your father or mother, ask the kids in your family to document their genuine greetings. You may be surprised to find out that these types of greetings end up being cute, funny, and unique all at the same time. You may also play the greetings throughout a party to make your gift more special.

When preparing for the gags to incorporate in your present or greeting, make sure your jokes aren’t disparaging or embarrassing. See to it that the celebrant is also a joker and can take jokes from other people, so you can be sure the celebrant will really enjoy your gift.

Written by Danica Reynes. For additional tips on funny and unique 50th birthday gifts, be sure to look at

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Hen Night T-Shirt – proposals and suggestions.


Hen night t-shirts happen to be an immensely trendy concept on hen get-togethers and there are an abundance of choices existing. You could procure pre-designed Hen T Shirts, get the T Shirt Printing/ Tshirt printing done on your behalf or could do it yourself.

Based on whether you wish buying -designed t-shirts, getting the T Shirt Printing done in Coventry or take the trouble of doing it on your own, you should perhaps initiate by deciding on the kind of top you would like to have on.

The couple of most extensively offered ones are vest tops & t-shirts.

A number of online printers are able to supply you the software for creating custom designs online, by making use of an editor /by uploading your personal design and this could be grand on you or your pal being excellent with any image editing software, such as Photoshop.

Fashioning your personal hen party t-shirts is able to be somewhat time consuming but great fun. Fabric paints happen to be readily offered at the majority of arts and craft stores and high-quality paper sheets that you are able to iron on to clothes can be got at any first-class stationary shop. You have the option of painting on your designs manually or by making a stencil. Those making use of a stencil should make use of a roller. One thing to be remembered is to divide the front and backside of the t-shirt with a cardboard piece or something analogous.

What to place on the t-shirts?

Hen T-shirt catchphrases

Slogans meant for the hen party t-shirts happen to be a mega popular concept for hen nights. All and sundry has had the opportunity of witnessing a hen night gathering out with a few, occasionally, fascinating catchphrases printed on the t-shirts.

T-shirt images

You could incorporate an image in the design, maybe an image of the groom or the bride as well as the groom. You can perhaps incorporate something hilarious beneath as well. Those who are excellent with Photoshop could easily arrange a funny image of all the gathering guests.


What subject matter has you decided on for a hen night and which color is going to be the most suitable? Would all of you be wearing the identical color? Be noticeable in a crowd with dazzling colors.

Personalised T Shirts are often used for brand recognition or exposure and event promotional purposes at

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ISO Speed : 200
Focal Length : 11 mm
Subject Distance : 1.1 meters

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How to Make Money By Selling Your Own Designed T-shirts Online


How to Create Your Own T-shirt Design

Creating designs for the t-shirt is becoming one of the most popular channel for design developers. Even if you’re an illustrator or graphic designer or typographer, the reflection of having your design on the t-shirt is a pretty good idea.

Explore Your Design concept
– Create a Mock-up of your Design Over Plain Tshirt Templates
– Keep Things Simple in Your Design
– Colour Means Everything

Develop Your Designs in Proper File Format

Different types of graphic file formats are used in this Industry. Generally, the average person will not able to open design files with the extensions like AI, EPS and PSD. These type of file requires a special software program, so develop your designs in a proper file format by coordinating with your printing supplier.

Build Your Own Online T-shirt Selling Store with

Use Preferable Printing Technology

There are different types of printing technologies that are used to print on tshirts. Some of the popular printing technologies are,

– Direct to Garment (DTG) Digital Printing
– Screen Printing &
– Heat Transfer Photo Printing

Market Your Designs
– You must market your designs to increase your website sales
– The sales rate is based on number of people visiting your website and visit is based on your marketing.

Below some general tips are listed out for preparing basic marketing plan.
– Define Your Customers
– Choose Your Targets
– Plan Your Budget
– Create Your Ad Content
– Track & Monitor Your Ad Campaigns

Measure Profits
– Measuring profits is the most important objective for any kind of business (both online and offline)
– You can find out the gross profit of a business by deducting cost of sales from turnover
– You can find out the operating profit by deducting the expenses from the gross profit

I am Gopinath, working as Marketing Executive at My team offering t-shirt drop shipping service for online companies, my articles are based on how to start, develop & earn money through online.

Nosis CD Release
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Camera Make : Canon
Camera Model : Canon EOS 40D
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh
Exposure : 0.017 seconds
Aperture : f/5.6
ISO Speed : 200
Focal Length : 11 mm
Subject Distance : 256.0 meters

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Printed T-Shirts? How Do You Make Them?


Do you want to know how you too can do your own tshirt printing? If so, you’ve come to the right article. We will discuss how to do your own t-shirt printing in this article.

Just imagine wearing t-shirts that you’ve designed yourself? You may put any design you want on these printed tshirts. They could be funky, could be classic or just any design you love. Since they are your own creation, you’d absolutely love wearing them. Rest assured that the feeling is much better than the one you get when wearing the shirt you bought from an expensive cloth showroom.

With the advancements in technology, its become rather easy to print your own t-shirts. Several online services provide you the facility of creating your own printed t-shirts. The process is very simple: you just upload your design, choose your colors, choose the type of the cloth and then choose the size. You’re done. Some services will even deliver these printed t-shirts straight to your doors. Amazing!

What’s even more amazing is that these t-shirts need not be costly. Even when using these online services, the costs aren’t that much. The prices go down even more if you remove these services from the picture and really do it from scratch. Its also much more fun when you do it from A to Z yourself.

Doing it all yourself will require a high quality inkjet printer though. You’ll need some other basic equipments including transfer papers that are of good quality, an iron and a t-shirt! Doodle your designs by hand on a tablet if you want to go to the extremes of creativity. Then transfer it to your computer, edit it a bit if you want and print it out. If you’re good at Photoshop, Corel Draw or any such software; you could use those too.

If you’re not computer-savvy; you may still take a picture of a printed design you’d like on your shirt, copy it over to your computer and print it out. It gives you the same effect more or less, however, I’d recommend you go for t-shirt printing services that you could find online.

Want to know about tshirt printing? If you do, click here: printed tshirts !

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a license (annual) for this software costs more than some people pay for a good used car. rachel’s consulting practice is doing well enough that she can justify her own licensed copy, so here she is with her first personally-licensed copy of solidworks, 2010. is she going to install it right away? nope. she’s going to put away the dvd and eat that huge piece of watermelon on the desk behind her.

copyright © 2010 sean dreilinger

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view consulting milestone: her own solidworks license – _MG_1566 embed on a black background.

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Preparing Your Files for Print


As a new clothing company, one of the first things that you should know is designing for print (the 4-color process) and making designs for t-shirts. These are entirely two different worlds. Always make sure that you or your designer make it as easy as possible for the printer to print out your shirt without having to compromise on design. This will make it easier for you in the long run and will give you a better product for your customers since you did not have to make last minute changes during the process.

Make sure that you convert all of your texts to outlines, create your artwork to size, use Pantone colors, , use vector artwork whenever possible and expand all the stroked lines to at least 0.5 points.

What you need to know before talking to your printer.

● Where is the final print is going.

● How many colors are going to be used.

● What are the Pantone color codes for all the colors used.

● What type of printing method you are using.

● Are you going to use specialty inks?

● The total number of units you are printing.

● The type of ink that you are going to use.

Where the final print is going.

The easiest way to indicate where the print will be is by creating a line sheet. This will show if there are multiple print locations and if the designs will go over seams (waist, neck,etc.).

How many colors are going to be used.

The line sheet you create should also clearly indicate the total number of colors that are going to be used. You can do this by creating a shape and filling it with that color. Having a visual indicator will be very helpful.When you are using multiple colors and halftones, check to make sure that your printer can print halftones and ask how he will prepare for them depending on the printing method being used.

Have the Pantone color codes for all the colors used.

Where do you find the pantone color codes you may ask? Your designer should be using a Pantone swatch book. If you don’t have a swatch book, then buy one. Most design softwares such as the Adobe Photoshop come with a Pantone library built in. You can use the color picker tool in the software to sample a color from your design. Once you have picked the color sample, double click on the foreground your tools pallet. The color you identify will be the one that you tell your printer to use. If the process of finding the color codes is confusing to you, find a more in depth tutorial online. Very many tutorials are free.
The printing method used.

The standard type of printing t shirts is screen printing. It is most often used with water based ink or plastisol ink. Simply put, water based ink soaks into the shirt giving it a very soft hand while plastisol has a thicker feel on the t shirt.
Are you going to use specialty inks.

Traditionally, most designs were printed using plastisol inks, some with a chino additive and a few with discharge or water based inks. Nowadays, designers can now use up to 8 different colors, specify suede, puff, highdensity e.t.c

Author is an expert article writer who has written many articles related to Designs for t-shirts. Currently, he is writing content on T-shirt Printing Singapore.

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Jeff Belden, MD and lead author on the EHR Design Guide, reveals a Move More tshirt under his dress shirt!

T-shirt design software tutorial , for beginner who want to design and make own t-shirt , we offer this open software for public to use

please make any comment for improvement

Thank you
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Customise Your Own T-Shirt Regardless Of Your Artistic Skills


In this fashion conscious world, when it comes to fashion and styling, every wants to keep it unique and at the same time elegant. This particularly is the reason that almost all the people across the world opt for exclusively designed and one of its kind designer attire. However, when it comes to our casual but funky t-shirts or aprons, we do often observe the mass produced designs and prints available in different sizes at the stores, these days. But now you can veer away from looking like everyone else that you see on the street. Today, you can design your own custom aprons and customise your own t-shirt online from the comforts of your home.

Nowadays, internet houses millions of websites that provide good quality printing services with a proven record of satisfied customers. The websites featuring such highly innovative digital imaging tools allow users to bring some versatility to their persona in a budget friendly manner. As these digital imaging tools offer the best features of imprinting images that will not get peel off or fade away easily, you can get your favourite t-shirts, designer bags, Australia style hoodies or personalised aprons designed in a way you desire.

If you have a good sense of style and designer instincts, then this process would be a cinch to you. However, it doesn’t matter even if you are not even confident about your creative skills as customising process is not at all a complicate thing to do.

Thus, you don’t need to be a seasoned artist to design your own custom bags, t-shirts or personalised aprons. What’s important here is the good knack for creating things according to your own style and persona. So do not worry if you have absolutely zero experience when it comes to customising your own t-shirts and other items. The only thing you need to bear in mind while making use of the online digital imaging tool is that the possibilities are endless as long as you don’t limit your creativity.

Besides this, the quality of printings varies from website to website depending on the quality of software tools available. Thus, you also need to find one best t-shirt designing website on internet. You can try checking out – the online place where you can get the quality finished items without getting ripped off is.

Chris Rotella is author for the; Visit the site for more information about Customise Your Own T Shirt.

Welcome Xinyu Liu to Invo
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With a background in designing physical objects, research, and human behavior, Xinyu joins the studio as a designer.

As a user experience researcher at Samsung, she investigated how to apply future technologies in everyday living. Changing behavior for good was a key component of the R&D work, leveraging invisible sensing tech, devising emotional effects, and crafting just-in-time graphic communication. Her wide-ranging skills from analyzing social behavior to 3D modeling to electronics to UI design are well suited for the multi-domain projects at Invo.

Xinyu received her Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from the Beijing Institute of Technology in Beijing, China and a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Media from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island in 2014.

She will be working on an open source government service and health and healthcare-based software.

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You have got just enrolled in university and cannot work with extensive arrange? Or maybe you have your home extend of your institution studies and lack an opportunity to surface all projects? In both examples, people loan their own self to amount of pressure and worry. But can you really be in a timely manner with jobs and also give thought to other things? With dissertation writing help online its!

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A Methods Section For A Research Paper Writer

Our special term paper online store offers your work impeccably!

With this innovative age, you can find a normal lot of school students that are concerned about their tasks and grades being the education is just not confined to finding out from ebooks only. School teachers are becoming more and more requiring and children be forced to increase their own self actually to a maximum of the sky high limitations if they would like to produce respectable marks. A very troublesome thought which can be continually nasty on your mind would have to be “Which is greatest term paper writing web presence?” We at are well aware of the issues that applicants are contending with since they are mastering in institutions, educational institutions or universities and colleges. Continue reading A Methods Section For A Research Paper Writer